My name is Trevor Page, I'm the creator of this How to Program with Java blog and I have had lots of people comment on how I'm a great teacher.  I also happen to have a degree in Computer Science and currently hold a full time job as a Senior Software Engineer at a company in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  I've decided to start a blog to help those of you who want to know what it would take to start programming!  I'm setting this site up as a sort of a Java programming tutorial that will be updated with new content regularly.

What will separate this site from any other “Learn to program” book or website, is that I plan on teaching you this skill in plain simple English.  This is 100% free content and I'm in this to teach people, just because I want to share the knowledge that has made me a successful programmer!  So this should be your go to resource for when you want to learn Java online.

I'm going to start with the absolute basics, like helping you to download all the free tools that will help you get off the ground and started on creating your first Java application (Java Hello World).  I will also keep this information up to date, which is something that I have noticed a lot of other websites/books don't ever try to tackle.  So you know that if you're reading this information, it will be the information and tools I use to get my job done on a daily basis.

From time to time I will also post about certain road blocks I have encountered in my job as a programmer, and what I did to overcome these challenges… whether that be a piece of code I used, a new technology, or just a shift in the way I was thinking about how to solve a problem.  Either way, these will be invaluable tips and tricks to help you on your road to becoming a successful programmer yourself.

So if you're ready to learn Java and Java programming basics, I'm very excited to teach you and I hope that you're excited to learn!  So, welcome to How to Program with Java and I hope you enjoy your stay.


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