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Average Starting Salary

Our Bootcamp grads see an average starting salary of $74,033 after landing a job as a coder.  Since 2012, we have helped educate over 4,000+ students to excel in their coding careers through our courses and curriculum.

At Coders Campus, we are 100% committed to helping you get a job as a full-stack developer.  Learn everything that we do to guarantee you a job offer here.

We are inspired to have seen so many aspiring coders come through our Bootcamp and build their own successful coding careers.  Our mission is to create the next generation of great coders who will change the world. Read more in our founder’s letter to prospective students.

“I was working at a restaurant but wanted to become a coder. I found Trevor’s Bootcamp and took a chance.

It was the best decision I could've made. I’m now working as a full-stack Java programmer and couldn’t be happier!”

Yasiin Muhammad

Coders Campus Alumni, Software Engineer