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Assignment #4 – The Anagram

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This is one of my favourite types of assignments, it's an algorithm assignment. This type of assignment is design to test your skills at creating an algorithm that will solve the presented problem. Remember that there are MANY ways to solve this problem, your goal should be to create code that is as efficient as possible. Your task for Java practice assignment #4 is to code an anagram solver. First of all, we'll define the term “anagram” for this assignment:

An anagram is considered to be a pair of words that are made up of the exact same letters. Think of it like taking one word, then just scrambling the letters around until you can spell another word. For the purposes of this assignment we'll only be dealing with single word anagrams, as there are certainly anagrams that can be formed by multiple words (but let's not worry about those ones). Here are some examples of valid anagrams:

care -> race
tool -> loot
cloud -> could

An example of words that a NOT anagrams:

tool -> toll (doesn't have the exact same number of letters)
cloud -> clouds (one word is longer than the other)

So, your task will be to create a method that will return true or false (anagram or NOT an anagram) based on the two Strings that will be passed in. Be sure to follow the instructions included in the assignment files!

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