Hi everyone,

I've been busy as of late packing as much content as I can into my new eBook. But I figured I would share one piece of the content with you guys, since it's a question that I get asked a lot.

How to setup a MySQL Database

One of the most popular database servers out there today (especially in startup companies) is MySQL Server. This is mostly because it's a database server that can get the job done, and it's absolutely free! Mind you, there are definitely more powerful database servers out there today like Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server, but those you both need to pay for when you're using them in a production environment. Since everyone likes free stuff, the MySQL Server has become popular.

So today, I'll show you how you can go about downloading this program and how to set it up so you can actually create a database, as well as a table and add some contents. I'll be using another free application called TOAD, which is used as a more intuitive way to create and maintain a database. TOAD provides an actual User Interface that you can interact with, and it can actually generate SQL code for you. This is preferable to just using the console (for most users anyway).

So, without further delay, here's the video tutorial:

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