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In this episode, Trevor Page interviews Tony, a digital nomad who transitioned from a traditional university education to a coding bootcamp. Tony shares his fascination with Latin America and the digital nomad lifestyle, as well as his decision to pursue a degree in computer science. He explains how he discovered the Coders Campus bootcamp and the benefits of the program. Tony also discusses his job search process and the importance of a structured approach. The episode concludes with insights into the interview process and the successful outcome for Tony. In this conversation, Tony shares his experience of getting a job after completing a bootcamp. He discusses the job offer he received and the salary he negotiated. The conversation also explores the opportunities for remote work and the value of working in an office. Tony emphasizes the importance of mentors and the benefits of being able to pivot to different roles within a company. He advises aspiring bootcamp students to stay positive and not be discouraged by negative news. Tony also shares his advice for starting a new job and the importance of being resourceful and asking for help when needed.


  • Negotiate your salary and consider the market conditions in your area.
  • Remote work opportunities are available, but starting with a hybrid role can provide valuable experience.
  • Working in an office and collaborating with experienced developers can accelerate your learning and career growth.
  • Having mentors and leveraging their expertise can help you progress quickly in your career.
  • Bootcamp graduates can pivot to different roles within a company and apply their skills in various domains.
  • Don't be discouraged by negative news and focus on your own journey and progress.
  • When starting a new job, be resourceful, spend time learning on your own, and ask for help when needed.


00:00 Introduction and Background
02:23 Becoming a Digital Nomad
03:42 Fascination with Latin America and the Digital Nomad Lifestyle
06:33 Choosing the University Path
09:20 Transitioning to a Bootcamp
13:03 The Benefits and Limitations of University Education
20:05 The Job Search Process
23:43 The Importance of a Structured Job Search
28:03 Seeking Remote Job Opportunities
30:50 The Interview Process
31:48 Job Offer and Salary
33:15 Remote Work Opportunities
34:39 The Value of Working in an Office
35:03 Transitioning to Remote Work
37:24 The Importance of Mentors
38:18 Opportunities for Development within a Company
39:39 Pivoting to Different Roles
40:36 Enjoying the Data Role
41:32 The Reality of Getting a Job
42:31 The Influence of News and Media
44:30 Advice for Bootcamp Students
48:16 Tony's Advice for Himself
49:41 Tony's Final Project
53:52 Connecting with Tony on LinkedIn
54:22 Questions for Trevor

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