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In this episode, Trevor interviews Jeff, who made a transition from being an outdoor guide to pursuing a career in tech. Jeff shares his experiences working as a guide in the mountains and his journey into the tech industry. He discusses his interest in coding and how he researched different bootcamp options before choosing Coders Campus. Jeff also talks about his learning experience at the bootcamp and provides feedback for improvement. In this conversation, Jeff and Trevor discuss various aspects of the bootcamp experience and the job search journey. They talk about the importance of exercises and assignments in solidifying learning, as well as the need for more exercises in the later stages of the bootcamp. They also discuss the challenges of covering advanced topics and the length of the videos. Jeff shares his preparation for the job search and the support he has received from the career services team. Trevor emphasizes the importance of networking and finding a support system during the career transition. They conclude the conversation by discussing the value of honesty and support in the bootcamp experience.


  • Transitioning from one career to another requires thorough research and exploration of different options.
  • Choosing a bootcamp with experienced instructors who have worked in the industry can provide valuable insights and guidance.
  • Learning to code is a skill that can be compared to learning a trade, and it requires practice and hands-on experience.
  • The struggle and frustration are part of the learning process, and it's important to learn how to respond to challenges in a calm and focused manner.
  • Completing a bootcamp program can provide the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue a career in the tech industry. Exercises and assignments are crucial for reinforcing learning and should be included throughout the bootcamp.
  • More exercises should be included in the later stages of the bootcamp to solidify knowledge.
  • Covering advanced topics in the bootcamp can be challenging, and there should be a balance between depth and length of videos.
  • Preparation for the job search is essential, and networking is a valuable strategy for finding opportunities.
  • Having a support system during the career transition can provide encouragement and guidance.
  • Honesty and support are important in the bootcamp experience, both from instructors and fellow students.



Introduction and Background


Transition from Outdoor Guide to Tech Career


Love for Nature and Outdoor Activities


Exploring Coding as an Option


Choosing Coders Campus


Learning Experience at Coders Campus


Feedback and Improvements


Exercises and Assignments


Topics Covered Towards the End


Revamping the Videos


Preparing for the Job Search


Networking and Support


Advice to the Younger Self


The Importance of Support


Rejection and Selectivity


Connecting with Jeff

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