Control Structures


Here's a breakdown of the Episode

Wiki: A control structure is a block of programming that analyzes variables and chooses a direction in which to go based on given parameters. The term flow control details the direction the program takes (which way program control “flows”). Hence it is the basic decision-making process in computing; flow controldetermines how a computer will respond when given certain conditions and parameters.

-Let's describe that wiki statement in more human terms
– code read LINE BY LINE from top to bottom, and for the most part left to right) – CODE FLOW
– choose your own adventure… only you can have loops
– computer has a decision to make

– What are the different kinds of control structures
– IF statements
– Loops
– For
– While
– Do While

Your Homework

Please read this Java Tutorial on Control Structures to learn a bit about the actual syntax of the Java code for control structures.

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