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In this episode, Trevor interviews Alex, who shares her journey from being a musician to transitioning into the tech industry. Alex talks about her background in music, playing drums in a band, and the challenges she faced in her musical career. She then discusses her experience working in data entry and her decision to pursue a career in technology. Alex explains how she discovered coding and her decision to join a coding bootcamp. She shares her struggles with understanding methods and functions and the support she received from her instructors. Alex emphasizes the importance of understanding the fundamentals of coding and how it has impacted her personal growth and progress. In this conversation, Alex discusses her experience in the coding bootcamp and the challenges she faced. She shares how she overcame those challenges and gained confidence in her coding abilities. The conversation also explores the difficulty curve in learning programming and the importance of perseverance. Alex talks about her job search process and the need for relentless follow-up. The conversation concludes with an invitation for listeners to connect with Alex and seek advice on their own coding journey.


  • Transitioning from a non-technical career to the tech industry is possible with the right support and guidance.
  • Learning HTML and CSS is a great starting point for beginners in coding.
  • Struggling with certain concepts is common in coding, and seeking help from instructors is crucial for overcoming challenges.
  • Understanding the fundamentals of coding, such as methods and functions, is essential for building a strong foundation. Overcoming challenges in the bootcamp can lead to significant growth and improved coding skills.
  • The difficulty curve in learning programming often means that the second half of the bootcamp is easier than the first half.
  • Struggling on the job is different from struggling in the bootcamp, but both experiences can be valuable learning opportunities.
  • Relentless follow-up in the job search process can significantly increase the chances of getting an interview.
  • Revisiting assignments and focusing on mastering core skills can help improve coding abilities.
  • Networking and interpersonal skills are just as important as coding skills in the job search process.


00:00 Introduction and Background

02:09 Interest in Technology and Music

05:31 Transition from Music to Data Entry

06:26 Exploring Tech Education Options

08:23 Choosing a Coding Bootcamp

09:52 Learning HTML and CSS

12:43 Struggles with Methods and Functions

15:35 Support and Guidance from Instructors

23:00 Importance of Understanding Fundamentals

24:25 Personal Growth and Progress

24:54 Overcoming Challenges in the Bootcamp

26:15 The Difficulty Curve in Learning Programming

27:44 Struggling on the Job vs. in the Bootcamp

29:38 The Excitement and Satisfaction of Coding

31:04 Job Search Process and Challenges

32:33 The Importance of Relentless Follow-up

34:01 Conversion Rate in Job Applications

36:55 Balancing Time Between Assignments and Job Search

38:23 Avoiding the Comfort Zone and Focusing on Networking

39:20 Revisiting Assignments to Improve Skills

40:46 Alex's Strong Understanding of Programming Terminology

42:35 Follow-up and Feedback in the Job Search Process

45:29 Proving Interest and Following Up After Rejection

47:22 Closing Remarks and Invitation to Connect

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