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Free Java Beginners Course

Learn the Basics of Java Programming

What You'll Learn

  • the fundamentals of programming
  • how to create your first Java application
  • object-oriented programming
  • software you need (IDE), data types, and more

Course Overview

  • Lesson 1 – Variables and Control Structures

  • Lesson 2 – For Loops

  • Lesson 3 – While Loop and Scanner

  • Lesson 4 – Installing Eclipse
  • Lesson 5 – Installing the JDK
  • Lesson 6 – Methods and using the IDE

  • Lesson 7 – Objects and Classes

  • Lesson 8 – Person Demo

  • Lesson 9 – Data Structures

  • Lesson 10 – Inheritance

Additional Details

How up-to-date is this course?2021-04-26T21:13:36+00:00

This course is up to date and focuses on Java 11 in its curriculum

What requirements do I need before I take this course?2021-04-26T21:13:54+00:00

There are no requirements or prerequisites for this course.  We assume that you are a beginner and you are ready to learn from scratch.

What version of Java does this course use?2021-04-26T21:13:42+00:00

This course uses version Java 11.  However, since this course focuses on the fundamentals, you do not need to worry about the Java version here.

Do I get a certificate when I complete this course?2021-04-19T20:04:29+00:00

Since this course is only a 3-hour introduction to Java, there is no certificate for this course.  There is, however, a certificate for our bootcamp.

About the Instructor

Trevor Page is the author of “How to Program with Java” and a Java expert, podcaster, and blogger.

Trevor has over 14 years of programming experience and is a recognized Java expert in the programming community through his blog, eBook, and podcast. He’s passionate about programming and teaching people how to become better coders. Read Full Bio

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